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Our Books!

Aqua Paws

Aqua Paws loves all things water. Especially snorkeling for the first time with his buddy, Purple Beak! Will he overcome his fear of crabs while searching for underwater flowers in the ocean? Along the way, he discovers sea creatures, collectibles, and trash. Will the two besties survive the fearful Crab?


My Cat Thinks He's a Puppy

A warm and beautifully illustrated picture book that will have your child in fits of giggles. Cats are known for being independent, particular and maybe a little bit snooty. But this cat isn't like other cats. In fact, he's much more like a puppy. Puppy-Cat loves to go for a walk, dig about in the dirt, and even loves to splash about in water!

In fact, if it wasn't for this one little thing, you might not be able to tell he was a cat at all...

My Puppy The Cat

Patricia's first book!

A hilarious book of My Puppy The Cat. Jack eating cupcakes, tacos, hiding and digging his way through the snow. This delightful read aloud will create giggles over and over again !

My Puppy the Cat book cover
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