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"My Cat Thinks He's a Puppy by Patricia Allieri is very short in length, making it perfect for Amazon's recommended audience of 3 to 7-year-olds. Your child or class will be eager to share all the fun things their cat does. Maybe you'll get some children to run off to teach their cat how to act like a dog. I would start with "stay" first. All my cats mastered that one on the first try. Novel Varius did a fantastic job on the illustrations. They are worthy of 5 stars! The whole book deserves 5 stars!" -Reedsy Discovery

"My Cat Thinks He's a Puppy by Patricia Allieri is a perfect fit for children learning to read lyrics while enjoying the colorful cat antics that fill the pages." -Readers' Favorite


"Patricia Allieri and Stella Maris’s Aqua Paws is a beautiful picture book with some powerful themes. Aqua Paws the cat loves playing at the beach with his sea turtle friend, Purple Beak. However, Aqua Paws is terrified of being pinched by a crab. Purple Beak convinces Aqua Paws to give the water a try to do the important work of cleaning up litter and to admire the beauty of the ocean. Some passing crustaceans make him wary, but he presses on to fight pollution. However, when Aqua Paws finds himself in a scary situation, he learns that his preconceived fear of crabs may have been mistaken. There is so much to love in Aqua Paws! The illustrations by Stella Maris are simply stunning - they capture the real beauty and majesty of the ocean along with a magical splash of color and expression to bring the story alive. Patricia Allieri addresses the importance of respecting the world around us skillfully by challenging our biases and stewarding nature in a way that children can comprehend. What I appreciated most is the gentleness given to Aqua Paws and the crabs as the sweet cat learns that his fear had been misplaced.

I love that the book ends with age-appropriate information on how to treat the ocean biosphere with respect and an adorable and simple recycled craft. What a great way to bring together the young reader and the grown-ups. I highly recommend this story to those looking to help their beloved little ones grasp the importance of respecting the world around them. For young readers who will be enjoying the book on their own, I believe it best fits a 5-7-year-old reading level." -Readers' Favorite, 5 Stars

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